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We Built a Revers Osmosis Systems for the individual and Group of Dyeing factories, Leather factories and Water Purification systems Plants...

Effluent Treatment System

We are engaged in offering engineering consultancy services. This enables in enhancing the working of various engineering industries. We adopt latest treatment technologies, conceptual designing and process engineering for designing of plants as per the process requirements. Detailed engineering procedures are taken in for procurement and installation of ETP.

  • Primary Treatment
  • Secondary treatment
  • Tertiary Treatment

MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) System

Membrane Bio reactor is a latest clean technology to treat sewage / industrial effluent. We have sourcing from world best MBR manufacturer and strong know how to design tailor made system. MBR is ideally suited for the hotels / commercial complexes requiring high purity of treated water for usage into utility/services in minimum spaces. The water treated through MBR does not require any further filtration thus saving of space.

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